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MHEDA Convention Preview – Culture

By Steve Guglielmo

The MHEDA Convention is just around the corner and the excitement is palpable. To whet your appetite a little bit more, we sat down with MHEDA Board member and Convention speaker Bill Ryan to preview his Tuesday afternoon workshop “Culture – A Member’s Perspective.” Culture is a topic that Bill is very passionate about, having given webinars and presentations to MHEDA about it in the past. Hear first-hand how Bill’s company, LiftOne, fosters a winning culture of accountability. You are sure to walk away with some actionable tips to bring back to your company.

Convention SpeakerBRTMJ: Can you give members an overview of what you will be discussing at Convention this year?

BR: We will be discussing what the “Culture” of a dealership is; how it is created and how it can be nurtured.

TMJ: “Culture” is a word that you hear and more and more often lately but it seems that many companies don’t seem to fully understand what company culture is and why it is so important. What is company culture?

BR:  We thought we knew what culture was but we were mistaken – we think very few companies understand it – culture is essentially “the way things really are” and to get that understanding that requires some real examination, in depth exploration and brutal honesty.

TMJ: What differentiates a good culture from a bad one?

BR: Having the right people working inside the right system make up an effective culture, ergo “good culture” – but if either one of these elements is absent the culture is less effective – or “bad.”

TMJ: What are the tangible benefits of having a strong company culture?

BR: Some of the tangible advantages to a “good “ culture are: happy employees, doing good work, pleasing customers with good service and generating better returns.

TMJ: What is the culture that you strive to maintain at LiftOne?

BR: At LiftOne we strive to create a culture that prides itself on “winning” – month after month and year after year and winning the right way – we call this the LiftOne Way!

TMJ: How will MHEDA Convention attendees benefit from attending your workshop?

BR: Hopefully the attendees of this work shop will be able to relate to our story and see how some of their company culture is reflected by what we have learned; they might be able to take-away an idea or two that will help them work on their culture

TMJ: Anything else you would like to add?

BR:  We appreciate this opportunity to share, to tell our story and to give something back to MHEDA and the industry that has been so good to us.

“Culture – A Member’s Perspective” will take place on Tuesday, April 21st, from 2:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. For a full list of workshops and presentations, click here to download the MHEDA Convention brochure.