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MHEDA Staff Accepts Charitable Bet

By Steve Guglielmo

Many readers of this blog know that I originally went to school for sports journalism. It was a happy accident that I fell into the world of material handling. So while I have moved on from wanting to write about sports professionally, I still really love being a fan. So when Jason Kasanezky from AK Material Handling emailed Susan Freibrun and me about a potential charitable bet on the upcoming Minnesota Wild vs Chicago Blackhawks playoff series, I was intrigued to say the least.

Growing up in New York, though, I was never much of a hockey fan. It wasn’t until I went to college in Rochester, NY, which was an hour closer to Buffalo than Syracuse, where I grew up, that I was even around hockey fans. But wow, hockey fans are die hards! And the MHEDA staff are die hard Blackhawks fans, something I found out at Convention this year, which happened to coincide with the Blackhawks first round series against Nashville.

So when we brought up the wager to the rest of the staff, there was real excitement! The terms of the bet, as spelled out on the AK Material Handling blog, are:

“If the MN Wild win the upcoming playoff series against the Blackhawks we would like you to donate 800 meals from MHEDA to Feed My Starving Children https://www.fmsc.org/ in Coon Rapids, MN. We will personally deliver the check sporting our Wild gear and taking pictures.

In turn, if the Blackhawks WIN the series AK will donate the same value to a charity of your choosing.”

Now, as I said, I was never much of a hockey fan but if you tell me I can gamble and watch sports and have it be part of my job? Then let’s go BLACKHAWKS!

All nine members of the MHEDA staff and I will pool our money together if the Hawks lose. But WHEN they win, MHEDA will happily deliver the check to a local Chicago charity decked out in Blackhawks gear.

Game on.