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A Treasure Chest of Employee Training

MHEDA’s Learning Management System educates employees and tracks their learning progress
By Steve Guglielmo

LMSMHEDA is constantly striving to improve our offerings to members. To do this, we rely on member feedback to surveys and questionnaires about what is working and what could be better. Consistently, member companies have told us that our industry-specific educational offerings are one of the primary reasons that they joined and remain a part of MHEDA.

MHEDA is proud to introduce its new Learning Management System (LMS) to enhance our educational offerings for members.

MHEDA’s LMS is an online tool that provides members with a modern way to train employees and track their learning progress. This affordable training tool comes in three forms: Career Track videos, On-Demand Webinars, and Conference Video Presentations, which are all available in one location on MHEDA’s website. Throughout the training, members can measure progress and knowledge retention using online tests to ensure that the lessons are working. Each test must be completed successfully to move on to the next portion of the training.

“Most companies have access to product-specific training from their respective OEM partners,” says MHEDA Director Doug Carson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Fallsway Equipment. “What many member companies lack are educational and training resources for general business management skills related to our industry. Now, our members have a place to turn for education tailored to the positions which exist in all of our businesses.”

The flexible online, on-demand nature of the LMS ensures that team members can do the training on their own schedules and at their own pace. Each course track can be purchased and is available to the recipient for a year to complete the content. Members can use the coursework to help plan career development for their personnel.

LMS Career Tracks“Each course track blends general business skills training with industry-specific training produced by MHEDA relative to our members’ specific positions within their organizations,” says Carson. “We are able to offer all of this to our members at a price that we think is a terrific value.”

Currently, there are 11 “career tracks” available through the LMS, each corresponding to a typical career track in a member company. These tracks are: senior management (general), senior management – industrial truck, sales management (general), sales management – industrial truck, sales professional, rental asset management, inside sales or customer service, parts and service manager, installation manager, service or installation technician, and project manager. Career tracks are a compilation of hundreds of videos that will help you improve your business skills in designated areas. Existing MHEDA University offerings and MHEDA-produced content are woven into these tracks, with the additional benefit of comprehension testing that didn’t exist before.

“We believe members will use it not only for training new hires, but also to help provide a vehicle to plan career paths,” says Carson. “For instance, you may have a new sales person who you provide the Sales Professional Course track. A year or so later, this person can be presented with the opportunity to further their training with the Sales Management Course Track in preparation and anticipation of a promotion to sales management.”

For Carson, the LMS is already producing tangible benefits.

“We will use the LMS in our business planning exercise annually when we evaluate our organization’s structure and succession planning. In addition, we will use the entry level tracks for new hire training. We had one of our new hires already complete the coursework in beta testing and we signed up our second new hire with the introductory special,” he says. “We think the best feedback will be from members’ personnel who have taken the coursework. I know I was delighted to hear from our beta test employee that they thought the training they received was relevant, quick moving, convenient and presented in a manner that kept them engaged. This was especially good to hear because our beta test employee was a millennial who had completed his MBA through online coursework.”

This training system was designed to be affordable for any budget. Depending on if you want individual courses or the entire track, prices range from $10 to $399. Tracks are priced differently based on the amount of modules contained within that track.

“I am passionate about this project because it is the culmination of so many years of work for our MHEDA Staff and board. We are so pleased to offer this resource to our member companies. We believe it fills a void for so many of our members on where to turn for training specific to our industry in a flexible, easy to deliver format that is affordable and effective,” says Carson.

For more information on the Learning Management System or to purchase career tracks, visit mheda.org