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WOMEN in Industry: Ruth Anne Harrell

Company: Hyster-Yale Materials Handling
Title: Manager of Tactical Pricing
Years on Job: 12

I joined Hyster-Yale Group 12 years ago as a staff accountant when it was still NACCO Materials Handling Group. Since then, I’ve worked my way up through the accounting department and eventually promoted into tactical pricing. In the tactical pricing group, we analyze and provide our dealer network and internal sales staff with pricing levels which are customized to each deal. We look at internal and external factors and deliver the best pricing for that situation. We also manage special pricing programs as well as any kind of pricing processes, procedures and audit compliance measures. A typical day is nonstop, fast paced balancing operational objectives and street price while supporting our dealer network.


Communication is paramount. You not only need strong written and verbal communication but must also have the ability to alter your communication style to your audience. We talk about communication all the time, not only within my department but within our entire organization. Making sure that not only is your message clear, but the perception of your message is correct. Within my career, my communication style has changed as I became more comfortable in my leadership style and confidence in myself has certainly played a role.

Learning the Product

Since we customize our pricing solutions to each deal, you become familiar with our product offerings just being immersed in the deal. You have to be familiar with our industry classes, product types, truck models and the components that are on the trucks: mast, carriage, blue lights, audible alarms, the whole nine yards. You really do get a good conceptual understanding of the products. One thing that is lacking, being in a non-sales, non-service role, is the experience to actually be in the field, touch the trucks and see them in action. Hyster-Yale Group does try to bring trucks to our headquarters building when possible, and we also have the luxury of having one of our plants just across the street.


So…the W4I is my “fun job”. I am extremely excited in the steps Hyster-Yale Group is taking to advance women leaders in our organization. The Hyster-Yale Group Women’s Network—W4I is a homegrown employee resource group which began in 2014, and in 2016 I was elected Chairperson. The four I’s stand for Invest, Influence, Impact and Inspire. Our vision, on paper, is to encourage women to succeed by developing their leadership skills and extending these skills within the company and throughout our community. In my view the mission goes beyond that. The purpose of the network is twofold; first to provide women with the resources, skills and confidence to take ownership of their own career and second, to work with our Executive Leaders on the importance of advancing women within our organization, not only because it is the right thing to do, but research shows companies with diverse leadership incur higher ROE. Among other topics, the W4I Network has focused on awareness of unconscious bias and its impact our business decisions, the importance of personal branding, and that women must stop checking things off our to-do list and network! The W4I also involves our local community through a girls mentoring program in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club. As a subset of the W4I, a handful of fabulous ladies lead our FLI-HY initiative. Female Leadership and Influence at Hyster-Yale holds monthly events with 6–12th grade girls focusing on career development, confidence and leadership. Giving back and paying it forward….