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WOMEN in Industry: Felicia Murry

Company: Frontier Forklifts
Title: Service Manager
Years on Job: 2.5

I have been the Service Manager at Frontier Forklifts for the past two-anda-half years. Every day presents a new challenge, as I am handling a diverse set of clients each day calling about their service requirements. No two days are the same. In a typical day, I dispatch our service technicians, oversee any repairs in the shop, quote customers for service, handle discrepancies with invoicing and work with customers on getting their equipment back in working condition. Somebody in my position must be a hard worker and a go-getter. It’s a challenging job that requires me to wear many hats, but I love the challenge!


One of my main responsibilities is to set the service priorities within the shop for all the mechanics based on supply and demand with focus on customer satisfaction and fleet utilization and employee productivity. This requires me to create work orders and make assignments to each technician. Throughout the day, I handle incoming phone calls from customers who require service, paying special attention to “crisis situations.” These are situations that arise during the normal course of a day that require the communication skills to identify the issues, reason a solution, assess the resources required and take immediate action. I am good at my job because I’m confident and I pay attention to detail.


To juggle those assignments, priorities and speak with clients throughout the day, the skills I depend most on is effective communication. To succeed in this role, you must be personable, friendly and have good listening skills. You must also be a strong communicator, both written and verbally. It’s very important to have strong communication skills because I work with many different people, from technicians to vendors to customers. In this role, you must be a good problem solver, critical thinker and have efficient customer service in order to be successful.

Having an Edge

In this male dominated industry, I live by the quote, “You Gotta Have an Edge.” Find your edge in life and cultivate it. Don’t round out your edges or hide them away because you’ll seem too demanding to someone else. Your edges are your strength and set you apart from the pack. Go in and give it your all and make your mark in that field.