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MHEDA Members Give Back – ProLift

ProLift Builds Communities

 Originally, a forklift rental house in 1978, ProLift has grown to be a full-service forklift and material handling dealership with nine locations, multiple product lines and over 400 employees. ProLift and all their employees are well known throughout Louisville and the surrounding areas for their contributions within the community.

Project Lift is a forklift donation program that donates reconditioned forklifts to non-profit organizations twice a year. At each ProLift location, the dealership asks every employee to nominate a local non-profit organization that has meaning to them. ProLift wants to know “what makes this organization special and how will receiving a forklift make a difference?” In the past, forklifts have been donated to organizations such as, Dearborn County 4-H, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Habitat for Humanity, and many other disaster relief organizations, as well as food pantries.

ProLift employees are also offered the opportunity to volunteer up to eight hours of their time at a local non-profit organization within the time span of one year. Encouraging each employee to volunteer their own time has allowed ProLift locations to offer 3,600 hours annually to their communities. ProLift’s mission is to “offer gifts, creativity and experiences to improve lives.” Not only is ProLift improving lives within their communities but they also are enriching the lives of their employees and partners.

A proud MHEDA Member since 1980, ProLift is dedicated to their community and to continuous improvement to the material handling industry.