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At Work: Brian Ulanch

Brian Ulanch
Company: BlueSkye Automation
Title: Director
Years on Job: 9 months

I joined BlueSkye Automation less than a year ago. However, I have been part of the industry since 2001. I joined the company as director, which means that I am responsible for executing the vision, mission and business plan to achieve our goals in all aspects of BlueSkye. I am a part of a very experienced team of industry professionals that work with our clients to solve Supply Chain and Logistics business problems by Consulting, Designing and Implementing Solutions. My specific role is driving excellence throughout the organization by hiring the best in the industry, implementing sound and standard processes to drive the best solutions for our clients and creating a healthy work environment and culture.

Working Across the Company

I enjoy working with all the various different teams within the company. Working with sales and operations to develop processes, hiring the best, developing a new marketing strategy, implementing the right financial and project tracking tools, helping sales and concepting client solutions, assisting Project Management in implementing those solutions, working with our finance team, etc. My days vary greatly, depending on what projects are going on at the time.

Growing Up in the Industry

I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI where my Father and Uncle worked for Dematic for over 40 years. When I was in High School, my father got me a job in the manufacturing facility where I worked on the paint line and in the shipping department. I then went to Kettering University and while there I worked in various departments throughout the company before writing my thesis in the Electrical Engineering department. It is a family instilled industry for me. Since graduating in 2005, I have worked for Dematic, Intelligrated, Bastian and A2i before joining BlueSkye.


Communication is how we build and maintain relationships, whether it be with our internal team or with your clients, strong communication drives good moral and a healthy working environment. Part of having excellent communication is being able to listen. Back when I was early in my career, the most personal growth I had was when I decided to “shut my mouth and open my ears”. I used to think that I had to be the smartest person in the room, I had to know the most about the solution and everyone needed to hear me say it. In actuality, I found that it is the complete opposite. Listening, followed by asking good questions to understand, formulating the best team to respond, then responding is usually the best strategy.

I am a visionary. I have always been a very driven person; my wife tells me that I always dream big and I strive to achieve them. I have always been an outgoing and social person, a lot of it was learned early in college and involving myself with school leadership organizations. I truly enjoy being in a leadership role. Providing an environment where other people can succeed and achieve their career goals is extremely gratifying for me.