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The Intersection of Politics and Economics

With the legislative calendar window closing and presidential election year politics looming, it is critical that Congress and the Administration provide business with some “certainty” in the market. 

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2019 MHEDA Sales Success Stories

MHEDA Distributors and Suppliers Team Up To Solve Customer Challenges MHEDA dealers and suppliers provide novel solutions to unique problems By Steve Guglielmo MHEDA members are known throughout the industry for taking on any challenge, big or small. But what differentiates a MHEDA member from other companies is the willingness and aptitude to tackle the unexpected obstacles. Unique challenges require ...

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The Five Mentors Everyone Needs

By Ryan Avery One of the most significant ways to succeed is to surround yourself with those who are more successful than you. Les Brown says, “If you are the smartest person in your group, you need a different group.” Who do you have in your life that has been where you want to go? I am not talking about ...

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A Dozen Rules for World Class Customer Service

By Christine Corelli There are no secret handshakes; no passwords; and no dues into the club of what I call World Class Dealer Service. Nor are there guarantees, but the odds of success as a material handling distributor improve among the dealers who not only acknowledge but embrace and practice these fundamental principles – which I offer more as reminders ...

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