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The Digital Evolution

At the 2018 MHEDA Convention, MHEDA hosted a Member Panel Discussion on The Digital Evolution. The discussion was comprised of digital marketing experts: Lisa Brink, Marketing Director, Riekes Equipment, Brian Bluff, CEO and co-founder of Site-Seeker, Mike Edmonds, Director of Marketing/Business Dev., Eastern Lift Truck Company, Inc., David Steinberg, Co-Founder of Adpearance, and Scott Stone, Director of Marketing, Cisco-Eagle, Inc. ...

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Protect Your Brand on Social Media

Your brand is your most important asset in business. It is your identity. In today’s digital world, it is vital to protect that brand online. And today, that means that using social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are no longer optional. Using these sites not only allows your company to control the message, but having a presence ...

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Data-Driven Techniques to Transform your Digital Marketing

By Nick Reid In this rapidly-changing digital age in which we live, it can be a challenge for dealers, OEMs, and distributors to keep up with new marketing techniques in addition to all the other hats they wear. However, savvy business01 managers have made staying up to date a priority. As the capabilities have expanded, the digital marketing opportunities have ...

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Keeping Pace With Customer Expectations

By Aaron James and Jay Majithia The material handling industry has largely avoided the digital transformation. But now that the customers you’ve always known order clothes, buy groceries, and hail rides from their phones, it’s critical that your company makes changes to keep pace with customer expectations. But don’t dread the change: Expanding and transitioning your business into digital does ...

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Ask a MHEDA-NET Group: Paperless or Cloud-Based Systems

“Has your company considered converting to a paperless or cloud-based system? If so, what successes and challenges have you faced in implementing it?” Pete Roell, President Concept Storage Solutions Ltd, Vaughan, Ontario Canada Concept has not converted to a paperless system and we continue to store all of our information on our own server. We like the comfort of having ...

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Ecommerce and the Growing Demand for Technicians

By Steve Harrington In the year 2000, speculation in internet technology firms and web based companies became frenzied. People were talking about the incredible rise of the NASDAQ, their foray into day trading and the unique opportunity presented by the “Worldwide Web”. In board rooms across the country retailers and their suppliers were scrambling to develop e-commerce strategies, evaluating the ...

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