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5 Things a Good Leader Does During Change

By Courtney Clark Change is intimidating for just about every member of every organization, from the top right on down to the newest, fresh-out-of-college hire. One of the main reasons change freaks us out is that humans tend to adapt to our environment. So even if we don’t like the status quo, we’ve figured out ways to work around it ...

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MHEDA Members Give Back – Nashville Wire Products

Nashville Wire Products Impacts Their Community Nashville Wire Products is no stranger to the Nashville and greater Tennessee community. They stay actively involved with a number of charitable organizations, including The American Cancer Society, Tennessee Voices for Children, and The Bordeaux Eagles. If you participate in the Relay for Life campaign hosted by the American Cancer Society each year, then ...

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Ask Your Board – Knowledge Transfer

“In anticipation of employee retirements, members should ensure their succession planning addresses knowledge transfer. How does your company transition when a long-time employee decides to retire?” Michael Vaughan, CFO, Liftech Equipment Companies, Inc.,  E. Syracuse, NY We treat this in different ways. There are several different types of knowledge that must be transitioned from a tenured employee to others – ...

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Markets Continue Their Robust Pace. Where Do We Go From Here?

BY BRIAN FEEHAN, PRESIDENT, ITA The expression “elections have consequences” will certainly be put to the test in 2019. The dust is still settling on the recent mid-term elections with some races remaining to be decided. However, we do know that 2019 will bring us a divided US Congress with (as of 11/14/2018) Republican control of the Senate having 51 ...

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