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Successful CSR Traits

As organizations strive to improve quality during these difficult times, customer service has taken on increasing significance. Hiring the most appropriate customer service representatives (CSRs) has become an extremely important decision. One of the first things you should ask yourself when moving employees into customer service positions is, “Do they have the personality qualities needed to want to please clients ...

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Dealing With A Difficult Customer

How manufacturers and distributors can work together to manage the relationship. Much has been discussed over the years about fostering a healthy relationship between the manufacturers of material handling equipment and the distributors who resell the products. All of this advice—open communication, establishing common goals and training, to name a few—in the end should result in a trustworthy, mutually profitable ...

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Effective Sales Compensation Plans: A Primer

Keys to attract and motivate quality salespeople Should sales commissions be calculated based upon revenue or gross margin? The answer depends upon your company’s specific circumstances. If your salespeople sell from a fixed price schedule and do not have much latitude to change prices without management approval, then it makes sense to calculate commissions as a percentage of revenue. You ...

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