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Ask Your Board – Material Handling Business Trends

“How does your company use the annual MHEDA Material Handling Business Trends when doing your strategic planning for the next year?” – Asked by Lindsay R. Boors, Controller at Pennwest Toyota Lift in Mount Pleasant, PA Michael Vaughan, CFO, Liftech Equipment Companies, Inc., E. Syracuse, NY Liftech first starts by sharing the MHBT with our Senior Executive team, each with ...

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MHEDA Members Give Back – ProLift

ProLift Builds Communities  Originally, a forklift rental house in 1978, ProLift has grown to be a full-service forklift and material handling dealership with nine locations, multiple product lines and over 400 employees. ProLift and all their employees are well known throughout Louisville and the surrounding areas for their contributions within the community. Project Lift is a forklift donation program that ...

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Women in Industry

By Liz Richards I’ll let you in on a secret.  When MHEDA first contemplated starting a Women in Industry initiative, I was against it.  A number of years ago, an association colleague (male) contacted me to ask my opinion about whether or not I would join a “Women’s” industry group and I immediately said no.  I told him I would ...

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MHEDA’s 2016 Board of Directors and Manufacturers Board of Advisors (MBOA)

This year’s MHEDA Convention theme is “Passion With Purpose.” The 2016 Convention will be held in National Harbor, Maryland, just a stone’s throw from our nation’s capital. With that in mind, we asked MHEDA’s Board of Directors and MBOA members what they are passionate about in material handling. We also asked them who is on their “material handling Mount Rushmore.” ...

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A Matter of Perspective

By Steve Guglielmo The First Quarter Issue is always really interesting to put together and read. I first started writing for The MHEDA Journal in the First Quarter 2010 when the industry was still neck-deep in the recession. Then, 6 or 7 percent growth would have warranted a parade. But this year, in speaking with MHEDA dealers, it seems like ...

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Help Your Neighbor Grow Good Corn

By Liz Richards, MHEDA CEO Last October I was invited to attend a Kion dealer meeting (thank you to Vincent Halma and the Kion team!) and while I was there, I was able to talk with many MHEDA members as well as with a few distributors who are not currently members.  One of the questions we are most often asked by ...

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