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Fourth Quarter 2011 Contents

C O V E R   S T O R Y

What A Year!
The distributor-supplier partnership is alive and well in
these stories of helping the end-user.

Sell More
Resources for learning how to sell better in the material
handling sales environment

Wanted for Hire: Great Salesperson
What experts think it takes to succeed in today’s economy.


Toyota-Lift of Los AngelesCustomer First, Employee Second,
Dealership Third

Three-tiered approach has Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles thriving under veteran leadership.

At Work
Senior Project Engineer Calvin Baker keeps
several projects going at one time.


Talk Back
Social media comments on industry news.


Is It Done Yet?
Good, bad or indifferent, distributors have a lot to say about lead time.

Four Leads On The Lead-Time Quagmire
Suppliers explain what they are doing to get products to distributors in a more timely way.


Almost Everything Your Employees Know
About Profit Is Wrong

Worrying about the wrong things reduces profit without knowing it’s happening.
By Al Bates


What The End-User Is Looking For
Learn what customers want from their distributors, straight from the source.


Hydrogen UpdateHydrogen Update
Are hydrogen fuel cells still a fringe player in the forklift market?


President’s Perspective

From The Desk Of Liz Richards

Ask Your Board


MHEDA Members Mark Anniversaries

Tribute to industry leaders John Nofsinger and Bill Montwieler

More application photos from this year’s Sales Success Stories

Top 100 wikiMHEDA keywords

MHEDA’s Critcal Impact Factors

Pro’s and Con’s of fuel cells

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