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Third Quarter 2009 Contents

You’re Linkedin. Now What?
You’ve created a profile on the top business networking site, and you’re not sure what to do next. Here are six ways to make Linkedin work for you.

YouTube 101
How your company can make an impact on the world’s top video sharing site.
By Eric Brunkow and Aaron Kleyla

Creating An Effective Online Store
There are two primary objectives to creating an online catalog: getting visitors there and then driving what happens once they arrive.  
By Chris Doyle

wikiMHEDA Lifts Industry
Launched at this year’s annual Convention, www.wikiMHEDA.org is making a strong impact on the industry.

The Software Challenge
Hear from 10 MHEDA members who know the software struggle, including some who’ve found the solution.

Interactive Marketing: A New Strategic Challenge
Integrate online and offline efforts in your digital marketing strategy.
By Michelle Kissinger

Seven Ways To Swat Spam Filters
Here’s how to keep your company’s message out of junk-folder purgatory.


Cisco-Eagle: Leading The Pack
With a distinctive Web presence and a sharp Internet marketing strategy, Cisco-Eagle proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Merging Marketing And Multimedia
Senior Multimedia and Video Editor Eric Brunkow mixes technical savvy with marketing know-how.


Best Of The Best
MHEDA is proud to recognize its members who have been identified this year as top distributors


A Primer On Used Equipment
Richard Donnelly, Greg Morrison and Bill Rowan talk shop.


2009 Business Re-Forecast
Midway through the year, distributors revise their 2009 projections and weigh in on the good news.

Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009
It’s not just a spending package, It’s loaded with private business tax breaks.
By Marcus S. Renwick


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MHEDA’s Annual Convention