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Sales and Marketing

Customer Events

Well-planned and well-organized customer events for material handling distributors are a powerful distributor marketing tool. By Gary T. Moore.

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Trade Show Sales Success

Material handling trade shows are an excellent place to increase market awareness and network with customers and potential customers. By Christine Corelli.

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Marketing Plans

A material handling distributor’s marketing plan should take into consideration market potential, core research, customer satisfaction and other targeted surveys. By Chris Doyle.

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Liability For The Sale Of Used Equipment

For material handling distributors, liability concerns are to be taken seriously. Lawsuits can cripple even a well-run company, so staying informed on the topic of material handling liability is a must. By David C. Field.

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Pre-Call Planning

Pre-call planning is a detailed, step-by-step process that involves research and analysis, and can help a salesperson reduce call time and achieve better results. By Don Buttrey.

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Marketing — More Or Less?

Marketing should not be put on hold during a down economy. There are twelve items a distributor should focus on when marketing in a slow economy. By Gary T. Moore.

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