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Money Matters

Alternative Fuel Tax Credits

The federal government offers tax rebates for the use of alternative fuels such as propane or CNG in off-highway motor vehicles, such as forklifts, airport tugs and motor boats. By Teig Lawrence

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The Sales-To-Payroll Delta

Rather than payroll being a percentage of overall sales, companies should employ a sales-to-payroll delta. By Albert D. Bates, Ph.D.

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Your Experience Modification Factor

The Workers' Compensation Experience Modification Factor is based on losses and company size, and affects the company's workers' compensation premium. By R. Scott Wolff.

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Business Income Insurance

Business income insurance is designed to replace income a company would have earned had no loss occurred as a result of a catastrophe. By R. Scott Wolff.

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Personal Goodwill

Personal goodwill is the intangible value an owner or CEO brings to a company, and when selling a company, this must be taken into account. By Bart A. Basi and Marcus S. Renwick.

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