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Search Engine Marketing Value Proposition

How Big is the Opportunity and How Much Will it Cost? By Brian Bluff Generating more leads is the first step to growing sales. In the absence of an ecommerce enabled website, an Internet marketer’s job is to use your website to drive leads. That grows sales and directly impacts your bottom line. There are practically as many strategies for ...

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How to Get People to Do What You Want Them to Do

By Garrison Wynn, CSP If this article’s title pulled you in, maybe you’ve recently realized that having a better tactic or using your (seemingly imaginary) charisma is not producing the influence you would have hoped. You’ve read the leadership and negotiation books and you’ve witnessed some disturbing YouTube videos that appear to prove you no longer need talent or a ...

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Employers Must Pick Up the Slack, Instill Work Ethic in the Emerging Workforce

By Eric Chester Pull any material handling equipment distributor aside and ask him or her to describe the emerging frontline workforce and terms like ‘entitled’ and ‘poor work ethic’ will enter into the conversation. I interact with thousands of managers each year, and this I can say with certainty. At a large management conference last spring, a regional training manager ...

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What Looks Good on Paper

By Doug Cartland I’m not kidding… A contractor needed to tear down a house to start a new construction a few years ago in Georgia. He showed up, looked the job over, revved up his machinery and proceeded to tear down the wrong house. Really! The wrong house! Someone was living there (thankfully not at home at the time). If ...

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An Expert, Advisor, Resource and Single Point of Contact

By Warren Greshes I recently conducted a webinar on “Effective Prospecting Skills.” As part of the process, attendees were able to type in and submit questions online before and during the webinar. The question that popped up most often was, “How can we convince our customers and prospects of the value of paying fair market prices or slightly more for ...

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