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Greening the Supply Chain through Systems Thinking and Collaboration

By Julie Urlaub Sustainability has been described as a continuous improvement process that challenges business to balance organizational needs with the shifting expectations of their stakeholders. This balance can be demonstrated by a consumer rise in eco-friendly business, innovation, technological advancement, or mutually beneficial proactive change. While sometimes seen as an overwhelming landscape of potential improvement, a common thread of ...

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Industry Legend Howard Bernstein Gives Back

By Steve Guglielmo There are very few people as passionate about anything as Howard Bernstein is about the material handling industry. The now 90-year-old Bernstein began his career in material handling all the way back in 1946, when he took a job at Sterling Lumber Company in Chicago, IL, selling wood pallets. In the 65 years since, Bernstein has become ...

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Risk Management

By Jayme Bates Due to the high cost of equipment ownership, many would-be equipment owners have become equipment renters, and many of our dealers are reporting increased rental revenues versus a year ago. However, there may still be money, and risk, left on the table if you’re not currently offering some sort of rental equipment protection. There is an opportunity ...

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Want to Grow? MARKET!

Here’s a simple, tragic truth about the vast majority or distributors and manufacturers: not enough prospective buyers know about your company and the wonderful things you can do to help them.

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A Core of Faith and Integrity

W.W. Cannon celebrates 75 years of success and looks forward to 75 more. By Steve Guglielmo W.W. Cannon celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2013. The journey that the Dallas, Texas-based distributor has taken since its founding in 1938 has been marked by significant growth, many triumphs and even a few bumps in the road. But one thing has remained constant. ...

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A Totally Mental Makeover

Success is based on three important strategies, and those who achieve success master all three and use them together to achieve their goals. By practicing each of these three things, you can achieve success that even surprises yourself!

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