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Promoting Social Responsibility and Corporate Consciousness

“Members must create a culture that recognizes and blends generational differences. It is imperative to understand the millennial’s desire for corporate consciousness and how this will impact their willingness to stay in place long term. What is your company doing to promote social responsibility and corporate consciousness?  How critical is this to your organizational culture?” – Steve DuBose, Director of ...

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Learning the Important Lessons

By Steve Guglielmo Learning is always something that interested me. I’m fascinated to hear what “learning style” people prefer (for me, I’m definitely a visual learner) and to hear about important lessons that people learned along the way. At the Emerging Leaders Conference that MHEDA and MHI hosted in Chicago on July 30, I had the opportunity to facilitate a ...

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A Collaborative Effort

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President On July 30 I found out I am “Jimmy.” No, I haven’t changed my name or my gender but I did learn about my collaborative behavioral style which basically equates to Jimmy Buffet. I’m okay with that! MHEDA’s Emerging Leaders Conference took place on July 30th and while I don’t normally participate in ...

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Material Handling – It’s Now a Woman’s Prerogative

By Mark Milovich, 2015 MHEDA President “One of these days Alice, ‘Boom’ right to the moon!” That was the memorable line Ralph Kramden would say to his wife, Alice, whenever she got the best of him on the TV show The Honeymooners. Our industry is predominantly male-dominated, but over the past several years we have been witnessing a trend where ...

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