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Me And My Service Truck

When it comes to what type of service vehicle for a forklift dealer to use, it's not an easy decision. Material handling distributors want something that's big enough to hold adequate parts inventory, but not so big that fuel mileage suffers.

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Aftermarket Parts Sales In A Slowing Economy

In the material handling industry, a slumping economy demands a shift in focus from distributor sales departments. Aftermarket parts sales can be a distributor's saving grace, keeping cash-flow coming in. By Bill LeMeur.

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The Other Side Of The Coin

Lift truck distributors and service technicians have mixed feelings on the rise of proprietary software in lift trucks. While they understand why forklift manufacturers are headed that way, it still presents headaches for lift truck technicians.

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Proprietary Software

The lift truck industry is becoming ever more sophisticated and diagnostics are becoming easier. A side effect of that is that proprietary software in lift trucks is making it more difficult for lift truck service technicians to service brands that they don’t represent. By Clark Simpson and Dave Nicolette.

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When The Aftermarket Became The Beforemarket

In material handling sales, a dealer’s aftermarket capabilities haven’t always been a part of the initial sales pitch. However, selling a dealership’s capabilities is often the best way to grow market share. By Lee Hall.

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