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How to Get Your Online Marketing Efforts Back on Track

By Brian Bluff Over the past 18 months we have audited the online marketing efforts of over 175 distributors and manufacturers. For the most part, these companies are in the same boat – digital marketing has become more difficult than a single person or skill set can handle and the company doesn’t have a plan. The aim of this article ...

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Mobile Web – Trend or Reality?

2014 MHEDA Critical Impact Factor Number 12 By Brian Bluff Every aspect of online marketing seems to change every few years. How you reach your customers, the way you track and maintain leads, and even who your customers are: it’s all in upheaval. Is there anything certain? In a word: yes. Today, just about everyone has a smart phone or ...

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Search Engine Marketing Value Proposition

How Big is the Opportunity and How Much Will it Cost? By Brian Bluff Generating more leads is the first step to growing sales. In the absence of an ecommerce enabled website, an Internet marketer’s job is to use your website to drive leads. That grows sales and directly impacts your bottom line. There are practically as many strategies for ...

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Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

A Plan and a Process By Brian Bluff Material handling companies routinely ask two questions about Internet marketing: “How do we develop a search engine marketing and social media plan that delivers results?” and “Where should we start?” Here we’ll explore a methodology for developing an Internet marketing plan that covers social media and search engine marketing, including effective strategies ...

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Social Media and the C-Level: Objections Discussed

By Brian Bluff At MODEX, my brother Eddie and I had the opportunity to deliver a workshop titled, “Social Media Bootcamp.” During a break, I spoke with a number of the attendees. Despite their excitement about the power of social media and its potential impact on their businesses, some expressed concern about their ability to get started. The reality is ...

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