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Continued Stability in the Market

By Brian Feehan, President, ITA In the aftermath of the midterm elections, the balance of power in the US Senate has changed hands. What impact will that have on business, tax structure, regulations and overall economic activity? Will this slim majority break the deadlock in Washington? How will the markets react? US Economic Activity Let me start with a high ...

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ITA Forecast: Economic Activity Sustains Industrial Truck Sector Growth

By Brian Feehan, President, ITA The element of a U.S. government shutdown and the recent fiscal debate in Washington on the debt ceiling added some uncertainty to the markets — although we have yet to accurately measure the exact level of uncertainty we do believe that there will be some negative impact in the fourth quarter. However, we also believe ...

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Modest Growth for the Industrial Trucks Sector

By Brian Feehan While the US economy continues to expand, the pace of growth has been very slow and has become even slower over the past few months. Most economists are now predicting a 1.5% to 2.0% growth in GDP in 2012, not great but hopefully better than the 1.7% growth we saw in 2011. News and forecasts about today’s ...

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