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Why the Material Handling Industry?

The material handling industry most likely won’t have a movie made about it.  I don’t expect to see Leonardo DiCaprio playing an over-the-top dealer principal or manufacturing exec in our industry.  That doesn’t mean that our industry is any less exciting or rewarding than any other.  The material handling industry offers a number of different challenges and rewards. It also ...

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ITA Forecast: Economic Activity Sustains Industrial Truck Sector Growth

By Brian Feehan, President, ITA The element of a U.S. government shutdown and the recent fiscal debate in Washington on the debt ceiling added some uncertainty to the markets — although we have yet to accurately measure the exact level of uncertainty we do believe that there will be some negative impact in the fourth quarter. However, we also believe ...

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Six Facts about Forklifts

By Tom Reddon A forklift is an extremely important piece of loader equipment that is used in warehouses, factories and shipping companies. These businesses function more effectively by using forklifts. These small trucks lift huge loads and easily move them from one point to the next. They save businesses money, because they can do the job of twenty men.

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Opening Day

By Jason Milligan Opening day for the 2013 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is around the corner. Its hard to imagine that we as twenty-first century Americans are still very much attached to a nineteenth century game like baseball. With our cable television, world-wide-web, smart devices, and i-everything lifestyles, I find it amazing we still allow time in our lives for this great American past time.

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