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Rules for Good-to-Great

By Jason Milligan   What makes a company great? For years we’ve all been combing book shelves for the secret that we can use to also make our company great. Whether its a set of business principals, marketing fads, technology advances, or hiring the best people with just the right incentives, or a mix of all of the above. To ...

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The “C” Word

By Jason Milligan CULTURE: (n.) ˈkəl-chər the broad total ways of living by a group of human beings, and the transmission of those ways of living (working) from one generation to another. Clearly we all (Yahoo’s CEO included) are struggling to better understand the importance of this shift in where work happens. The nature of business and how we as ...

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Give me freedom…or, give me a desk?

By Jason Milligan If you’re like me, and enjoy the convergence of business, management, and culture, then you've been reading all the articles lately about recent changes at Yahoo Corporation. Immediately after the announced changes recalling Yahoo telecommuters back to the office many at-home-work advocates decried the move as “backward” and “poorly thought through”.

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Opening Day

By Jason Milligan Opening day for the 2013 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is around the corner. Its hard to imagine that we as twenty-first century Americans are still very much attached to a nineteenth century game like baseball. With our cable television, world-wide-web, smart devices, and i-everything lifestyles, I find it amazing we still allow time in our lives for this great American past time.

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