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The Value of MHEDA-NET

By Mark Juelich I remember getting a call from Gary Moore in the early fall of 2005. I didn’t really know Gary back then other than the fact that he was an industry leader who was well respected by his peers. Gary called to invite me to join his MHEDA-NET group, “The Integrators.” I wasn’t really sure what MHEDA-NET was ...

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The Why and How of Twitter

By Mark Juelich On March 21 Twitter celebrated its 6th birthday. For those of you who may not be familiar with Twitter, it is a social media website and social network often described as a “microblog.” Users can communicate with selected groups based on their interests through 140character or less “tweets.” How can this information be useful to you and ...

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The Twitter Trend

Twitter is a great marketing tool that’s becoming more and more useful every day. It allows you to proactively engage customers, whereas a standard Web site is generally reactive. By Mark Juelich.

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Search Engine Optimization

A storage & handling distributor outlines questions that material handling companies should ask before giving their business to a potential SEO firm. By Mark Juelich.

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