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Want to Grow? MARKET!

Here’s a simple, tragic truth about the vast majority or distributors and manufacturers: not enough prospective buyers know about your company and the wonderful things you can do to help them.

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Who’s to Say What’s Sexy? Marketing in a Narrow-Niche B-to-B Space

By David Avrin, The Visibility Coach A colleague commented to me recently about how he could certainly understand how I could get excited about speaking for companies and organizations that create and sell new consumer products or gee-whiz technology, but was struggling with what I would have to say to businesses selling mechanical parts, packaging supplies, trucking services or financial ...

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Social Media and the C-Level: Objections Discussed

By Brian Bluff At MODEX, my brother Eddie and I had the opportunity to deliver a workshop titled, “Social Media Bootcamp.” During a break, I spoke with a number of the attendees. Despite their excitement about the power of social media and its potential impact on their businesses, some expressed concern about their ability to get started. The reality is ...

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You Can Win This Price War

A pricing strategy helps equipment distributors emerge from the price war victorious in the material handling industry. By Tom Reilly.

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YouTube 101

YouTube video helps material handling distribution. By Eric Brunkow and Aaron Kleyla.

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