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Why the Material Handling Industry?

The material handling industry most likely won’t have a movie made about it.  I don’t expect to see Leonardo DiCaprio playing an over-the-top dealer principal or manufacturing exec in our industry.  That doesn’t mean that our industry is any less exciting or rewarding than any other.  The material handling industry offers a number of different challenges and rewards. It also ...

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The Unsung MVP in New Jersey

By Steve Guglielmo As you may have heard, there is a pretty big sporting event going on this weekend. And while gambling sites (if such sites were legal!) have the odds in favor of Peyton Manning or Marshawn Lynch to win Super Bowl MVP, the unsung MVP of this weekend’s game is pretty clearly the material handling and logistics industry. ...

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Opening Day

By Jason Milligan Opening day for the 2013 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is around the corner. Its hard to imagine that we as twenty-first century Americans are still very much attached to a nineteenth century game like baseball. With our cable television, world-wide-web, smart devices, and i-everything lifestyles, I find it amazing we still allow time in our lives for this great American past time.

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Flow-Rite Hires Two

March 30, 2011: Flow-Rite Controls hired Shawn Kelley as Western regional manager and Bridget Haley as marketing associate.

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Making Five Become One

When merging companies together, communication is key. It has been said that there is no such thing as too much communication. In today’s ever-challenging business and economic environment, this statement has never been more valid. Case in point, in October 2008, a strategic decision was made to merge five material handling operating companies in the United States into one under ...

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Distributor Niche Marketing

Distributors can capitalize on growing end-user markets. As everyone knows by now, the last couple years were not among the material handling industry’s finest. Many of our customers reined in costs, and, as a result, revenues of both distributors and manufacturers took a hit. Notice I said “many of our customers” and not “all of our customers.” Even in the ...

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