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Benchmarking, What’s it All About?

By Robin Currie If you’re a member of a Currie Management Consultants, Inc. Best Practices Group, or if you’ve attended the annual Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, you’ve likely heard Bob Currie lecture on the importance of benchmarking. A Benchmark is defined as a standard against which the performance of a company can be measured. Historically, benchmarking became widely recognized ...

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Design of the MHEDA DiSC Report

The Helicopter View By Robin Currie People—every equipment distribution company’s best asset.  Your staff can also pose your company’s biggest challenge as well.  One way to best understand your employees is to gain some knowledge about Karl Jung and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  These theories assist us in learning about ourselves and others through 1 of 16 four-letter type references.  ...

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The 2014 MHEDA DiSC Report

By Robin Currie  It’s time to prepare for this year’s MHEDA DiSC Report for the Industrial Truck, Engineered Systems and Storage & Handling industries. Let’s take a quick look back at some of the highlights from last year’s industry report. The Currie team places substantial emphasis on the Return on Assets measure, especially in the Industrial Truck analysis. Remember, ROA ...

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Exploring the Equity to Sales Ratio in the Equipment Industry

By Robin Currie Liquidity measures make up a large part of what Currie Management Consultants, Inc. calls the Report Card for the Executive. One important function of the liquidity ratios is that they are used to assist dealer principals in measuring the ease with which their enterprise can repay its short-term and long-term debt obligations. This is done by comparing ...

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Absorption Measures Performance and Sustainability

By Robin Currie One of the important measures that Currie Management Consultants, Inc. uses in all Currie Financial Composites for equipment dealers is the absorption measurement. Absorption has been referred to as a simple, but not simplistic measure of dealer performance and sustainability. It is a measurement used to indicate how much of a company’s total expenses can be covered ...

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By Robin Currie The Currie Financial Model employs several critical liquidity and profitability measures for participating distribution clients. This collection of calculations makes up what we call “the Report Card for the Executive.” Included in this report are debt to equity ratio, absorption, current ratio, asset turns, return on assets, etc. What is conspicuously not included in the Currie Financial ...

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