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Creating a Best-In-Class Safety Program

Achieving Global Safety Standards By Steve Guglielmo Springer Equipment Company had an outstanding safety program. At least that’s what President Ted Springer and Safety Director John Woodall believed. And they had a good reason to think that. The company had very few lost time incidents and its Experience Modification Rate (EMR) was .78, resulting in a substantial 22-percent discount on ...

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Safety in the Workplace: Choose the Right Equipment

By: Tom Reddon Safety in the workplace is extremely important. You should spend adequate time planning the layout of your factory or warehouse, as well as selecting the ideal equipment that you employ for the general operation of your business. If you select the wrong forklifts, conveyers or racks for example, it can cause the work environment to be unsafe ...

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Setting Priorities

A corporate safety manager talks about how to get employee buy-in for safety programs at a material handling equipment distribution company.

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Standards of Safety

OSHA has volumes of safety standards aimed at preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. In this article you may just notice a fixable violation that will save them a penalty and potentially give you some business bringing them back up to standard.

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Warehouse Safety

Warehouse safety products represent an under-utilized profit center in the material handling industry. Keeping an eye open for safety hazards can help storage and handling distributors turn a stroll through a customer location into a big sale. By Dany Dion.

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Solutions For Safety

Forklift safety products are not only helpful to end-users, focusing on forklift safety product sales can also help material handling distributors pad the bottom line. By Maurice Russo.

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