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Never Drop Your Prices Again!

How to stop selling on price By Marc Wayshak I was recently at Lord & Taylor with a close friend of mine when she held up two pairs of high-heeled shoes. Both pairs were black, appeared similar and looked pretty to me. “What do you think each pair of shoes costs?” she asked. “Well, this is a nice place, so ...

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Personal/Professional Relationships

By Gary Moore When I entered industrial sales from an engineering background, I assumed if I just showed the customer the features, advantages and benefits of my product, they would get the point and buy from me with maybe just a little price negotiation. Even before Excel, I thought it was all about the spread sheet. When I heard veteran ...

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16 Tools to Build Your Service Labor Business

The sweet sixteen that will make you dramatically more profitable. By Walter J. McDonald, President, The McDonald Group, Inc.  Material handling dealers want and need to know how to improve service labor sales and profitability. To them, until now, nothing seemed to work very well. I have just completed four consulting projects for equipment dealers and a series of five ...

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Six Secrets of Top Performers

By Jim Facente Pop quiz: Why are some dealers so much more profitable than others? Creative Sales Solutions, the company that administers the MHEDA Mystery Shopping and Sales Training program, has the answer. As a specialist in mystery shopping and sales training, Creative Sales Solutions (CSS) has mystery shopped thousands of parts, service and rental employees representing every major manufacturer. ...

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When Sales People Become Bread Men

By Abe Walkingbear Sanchez Bread men are delivery guys who pick up a truckload of fresh bread each morning and then drive from customer to customer filling store shelves. If there’s an empty slot they fill it. All they need to give care to is that the right bread goes in the right slot. When salespeople start thinking like bread ...

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Material Handling Sales Lead Management Strategies

Material handling companies are generally stocked with effective warehouse equipment salespeople. However for those salespeople to be truly successful a material handling distributorship must maximize their lead management. By Mark Friedman.

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