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Opening Day

By Jason Milligan Opening day for the 2013 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is around the corner. Its hard to imagine that we as twenty-first century Americans are still very much attached to a nineteenth century game like baseball. With our cable television, world-wide-web, smart devices, and i-everything lifestyles, I find it amazing we still allow time in our lives for this great American past time.

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The Traits of Great Salespeople

By Herb Greenberg, Ph. D, Founder & CEO of Caliper In today’s competitive economy with ultra-low employment levels, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to recruit — as well as retain — top salespeople. But there are ways to hire smart and hire right — the first time, for those of us actively looking to bring on salespeople. Hiring smart means saving ...

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Sales Is A People Business

70% of success is how you manage your relationships with other people—only 30% of success is attributable to technical skills. For salespeople and managers, this means keeping the focus on customers. By Tom Reilly.

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Sales From Another Perspective

By looking at sales and selling from a different perspective, salespeople can increase their productivity and maximize efficiency. By David Rubinstein.

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The Seven Touch Points of Communication

It would seem that in today’s high-tech world, communication would be simpler than ever before. Oddly enough, though, there are 7 touch points of communications that can have you fouling up enhancing a business relationship. By Nancy Friedman.

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Raising Customers’ Levels of Efficiency

MHEDA Edge spoke with a random sample of salespeople and asked them about the inefficient practices they’re seeing in their customers’ operations and how they’re striving to help the customer to meet those needs.

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