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The Other Side Of The Coin

Lift truck distributors and service technicians have mixed feelings on the rise of proprietary software in lift trucks. While they understand why forklift manufacturers are headed that way, it still presents headaches for lift truck technicians.

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Proprietary Software

The lift truck industry is becoming ever more sophisticated and diagnostics are becoming easier. A side effect of that is that proprietary software in lift trucks is making it more difficult for lift truck service technicians to service brands that they don’t represent. By Clark Simpson and Dave Nicolette.

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Lift Truck Diagnostic Software

Proprietary diagnostic software is making it more difficult for material handling distributors to service lines of lift trucks that they don’t represent.

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Software Solutions

The pace of technological progress is astounding and material handling distributors are reaping the benefits. Here, two MHEDA distributors recount their experiences with technology upgrades.

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Buying A New Business System

In a rapidly-changing marketplace, new business systems are constantly becoming available to material handling distributors. The key is selecting the right business system for your material handling distributorship. By Lisa Anderson and Jed Cavadas.

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