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Third Quarter 2011 Contents

C O V E R   S T O R Y

Going Beyond Product Knowledge
Distributors discuss how to train young employees to fit in at their companies.

Collaboration Pays Off
A strategy for manufacturers and distributors to work together to train field sales reps.
By Martin Burdorf

Recruiting And Retaining Young Talent
HR managers share their secrets.

Spending A Day With Generation Y
Three young professionals outline their approach to the workplace.

Mentoring The Protégé
A mentor can get just as much out of the relationship as the protégé.
By David Graffy

Mentoring Success Stories
MHEDA members use mentoring relationships as a management development tool.

U Text, I Type
Resolving generational-based communication differences in the workplace
By Robert W. Wendover, CSP


Southern AcquisitionsConsistency Is Key At
Southern Acquisitions

Loading dock and door distributor develops processes and metrics
to succeed.

At Work
Fabricator/Assembler Dan Lucas wears many different hats to get the job done.


Best Of The Best Distributors
Listing of MHEDA companies earning top dealership
status in 2010.


Breaking Down The Power Options
The pros and cons of using batteries and internal combustion engines to power lift trucks.

Scrap Battery Disposal
Options for handling used batteries
By Ben Levitt

What End-Users Prefer
Users of forklifts describe what they are really looking for when purchasing a truck.


Searching For A Green Automated Warehouse
Have you contemplated the warehouse of 2211?
By Daryl Hull


What The End-User Is Looking For
Learn what customers want from their distributors, straight from the source.


Membership: What’s In It For Me?
Association participation results in a stronger staff.
By Duncan Murphy


2011 MHEDA ConventionPhoenix Photo Gallery
MHEDA’s 56th annual convention in pictures.


President’s Perspective

From The Desk Of Liz Richards

Ask Your Board


Are You Indispensable At Work? Robert B. Tucker outlines skills that industry newcomers should master.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers shares tips for Recruiting On College Campuses.

Spend a day in the life of a young professional with MHEDA’s Executive Dialogue contributors.

Presidential Perspectives on Mentoring: MHEDA Presidents reminisce on the leaders who taught them the ropes.

What do customers really want in forklift fuel? End-Users Speak Out on their preferences.

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