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Third Quarter 2012

C O V E R   S T O R Y
For A Successful Onboarding Experience…
Be prepared and make time for new hires!
By DeeAnn Palin
Training and Engaging Technical Talent
Four MHEDA distributors discuss how they onboard technical talent.
By Steve GuglielmoBest of the Best Distributors
Manufacturers recognize their top dealers.
The Why and How of Twitter
How Twitter can help you grow your business.
By Mark Juelich



Adapt and Thrive
The 100-year evolution of R.H. Brown Company

At Work
Senior Project Account Specialist Brenda Harrison


Be Polite, Be Honest and Get to It
Get control of your work day by following these tips.
By Steve McClatchy


President’s Perspective

From The Desk Of Liz Richards

Ask Your Board


Analyzing the DiSC Results
DiSC reports indicate revenue growth.
By Robert Currie

Help Stamp Out Budgeting
A well-implemented Managerial Profit Plan must be in place
By Dr. Albert D. Bates


Distributor Salespeople Reveal Their Greatest Challenges
Price shopping, communicating value and buyer inertia – how to combat them.
By Tom Reilly

When Sales People Become Bread Men
Are credit issues the source of problems in your company?
By Abe WalkingBear Sanchez


The online Member Profiles of the following companies will give you more insight into some of MHEDA’s 2012 Board members: AHS, Bode Equipment Company, Conveyor Solutions, Hy-Tek Material Handling, Morrison Industrial Equipment, PeakLogix and Reikes Equipment Company.

How did you do? Read the 2011 Industry Forecast to review the past year.

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